Hello my good friends, and welcome to the first post of purls and wine-tried to get our fav name,purls before wine but that domain had already been taken. This will be a group blog for the wednesday nite knitting group at Warner Graphics, hosted by our lovely yarn genie/guru Stacey,  AND of course our beloved Dennis the shop cat!!

We all have declared on many an occasion how fortunate, and lucky we all are to have clicked with more than our needles. And after not having had a knit community for so many years, its just lovely to have found you all. To laugh madly and deeply, while knitting is an ultimate experience. SO this little odd journey will not ..hopefully be written just by me. But by all the Purls, adding to the hulla-ballu, and knitting yatta we all do so well.

ps. this will def be a learning experience!